Blackfield Clothing

Blackfield Clothing Studio:

The Blackfield clothing studio is famous for producing handmade clothing stuff for children and adults with many other products including blankets, coats, dresses, etc. The products produced are Irish and handmade and the firm is a member of the Crafts Council of Ireland.  The wide range of winter products is available for children and ladies, which are stylish, comfortable and warm.

Children Clothing:

The produces a wide range of handmade clothing for children, which is stylish, cozy and comfortable. All the children stuff produced are not only comfortable but also very colorful having fun and attraction for the children. The children’s stuff is made in a special way that can be washed easily, that dries easily and looks great making the children very special and comfortable.

Ladies Clothing:

Ladies stuff produced by Blackfield clothing is very comfortable, stylish and warm which have no match in the market. The handmade stuff looks more beautiful having a lot of attraction for the people and very comfortable especially in the cold weather. The ladies clothing being produced include handmade coats, tops, scarves, dresses and many more with superior quality and stuff.

Men’s Clothing:

The Blackfield clothing produce larger amount of stuff for ladies, however some special products are available for men as well. The men’s products include Hats, Scarves, Ties and Bow Ties, Coats and Jackets, etc. All the products are stylish comfortable, cozy and good looking, which can be used for both formal and casual dressings.